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Review of DidySling Aomi, 100% cotton

Author: Jessica Ashli

Review of DidySling Aomi, 100% cotton, 210 gsm.

Brand new in box, this RS felt a little stiff but after one wash and iron, it was noticeably softer. I think it will break in relatively quickly. In hand, the fabric feels on the thin side of medium. The colors are the most beautiful blues, perfect for boys or girls.

I first tried the RS with my 35 pound 4 year old. I found it too thin with too much stretch for my heavy preschooler. I then tried it with my 25 pound almost 2 year old, and it was perfect. Wonderfully supportive and she felt almost weightless. Had a perfect grip to glide ratio by gliding easily through the rings and the right amount of grip so I didn’t feel any slippage. Mildly cushy too. I think this would be a fantastic RS for both beginners and experienced babywearers, particularly for newborns to 2-3 year olds. Not supportive enough for preschoolers in my opinion.

Aomi - Review Aomi - ReviewAomi - Review
Aomi - Review

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