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How Lending Library Works

Rent for two weeks

  1. Order the sling you like the most. The price INCLUDES shipping both ways and service fee.
  2. Love it for 2 weeks.
  3. Ship it back: plastic bag and shipping label are included!
  4. When the sling is back home we will refund you the difference between the sling’s value and your rent.

Do not wash our sling before shipping it back. We will wash it anyway (using ECO all natural gentle laundry detergent and following the manufacturer’s care instructions). So, let’s be efficient :D

Keep It!

  1. You can buy (or keep after rent) any of our rental slings (we just won’t refund the difference*. It might be a good deal for you since some slings have been previously rented and therefore discounted!
  2. If we don’t receive our sling at the end of the rental period and don’t hear back from you, we will assume that you decided to keep it (yay, you loved it!).

*The difference between the sling value and what you paid for the rent. For example, if the sling value is $90 and you paid $25 for 1 week rent, but then decided to keep it, we will only charge $75 more ($90 - $25).