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Let's Trade!

Trade Your Didymos

Do you want to try a different color pattern, fabric blend, or wrap size? We can help!

  • 1. Send us an email to with the description of the Didymos product that you want to trade in. We will reply with our value for it. If you accept the value, proceed to the next step.
  • 2. Purchase a Didymos wrap, sling, or carrier from our website. Note, we only do same product type trade: a wrap for a wrap, a DidyKlick for a DidyKlick, etc.
  • 3. Send us your Didymos wrap, sling, or carrier after you receive your order from us (plastic shipping bag and return label will be included with the item you purchased).
  • 4. Get a refund in the amount of your trade-in value as soon as we receive your item!

Depending on the condition of your item, we will pay up to 60% of the manufacturer’s price!

What we look at when evaluating your trade-in

Date of release

The newer the product is the higher its value. However, if the product is 10 years old or older it is considered vintage and can be valued higher!


Whether it is new, used, or has any flaws.

Original packaging

Your product will be valued higher if it comes in the original box or Didymos bag.

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