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Let's Trade!

Trade Your Didymos

Do you want to try a different color pattern, fabric blend, or wrap size? We can help!

  • 1. Send us your wrap or sling.
  • 2. Receive a Five Star Mama discount in the amount of the trade value that you can apply to any product on our website.

*Hint: Trade in value is usually higher than Buy out value.

Buy Out Option

For sale only? We are still interested!

  • 1. Send us your wrap or sling.
  • 2. Receive your funds via PayPal.

*Buy Out option depends on our budget and might be not available.

Value Request

Send us a message with the description of your Didymos product and your suggested value for it.
You can also email us at

What we look at when evaluating your product

Date of release

The newer the product is the higher its value. However, if the product is 10 years old or older it is considered vintage and can be valued higher!


Whether it is new, used, or has any flaws.

Original packaging

Your product will be valued higher if it comes in the original box or Didymos bag.

Depending on the condition of your item, we will pay up to 60% of the manufacturer’s price!

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