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DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling, Blue Melange


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A beautiful melange of natural materials, unique look and best wrapping qualities. 

Blue Melange is a very special blend of white cotton and soft natural wool  that we combined with a bit of shimmering silk and linen. It features a classic diamond weave that alternates the irregular yarns throughout the fabric - the resulting texture is pleasing to the eye and the touch - and none of the wraps is like the other.

The softness of the wrap is matched with a slight texture perfect for that small amount of grip to lock your favorite carry or slip knot in place.

The wrap features the inherent diagonal stretch that is characteristic to all DIDYMOS wraps. When wrapping, the passes glide easily into place, the fabric molding to the wearer and baby, keeping both snug and comfortable while supporting your baby all over evenly.

Once tied, carries stay in place and a newborn can cuddle up against mom or dad for hours whereas an older child will find enough support to enjoy a safe ride on your hip or back.

Material: 72 % Organic Cotton, 23 % Wool, 3 % Linen, 2 % Silk

Surface weight: 250 g/m²

Color: Raw White, Blue

Washable: Max. 30°C, Lowest Spin Speed, no tumbling! Cool ironing

Age of child: From Birth

Different Edges: No