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DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling, Night and Day


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Stars glittering on a dark sky, a glistening moon crescent – the night is quiet, your baby is wide awake, loves to be carried. A new day, the sun shines, your baby falls asleep. Day and night – very young babies need time and care to develop a clear sleep rhythm.

Babywearing helps – at day, at night, always.

Our Night and Day model is a weaving masterpiece that showcases the amazing possibilities on the loom. It is a pure double weave featuring a different pattern is on each face – one side with a black cotton background interwoven with golden linen for the night sky and white cotton and linen for the day and gilded sun motif on the other one. A little dash of Polyester adds a subtle sheen to the gorgeous look.

A double weave, the fabric is rather heavyweight, yet seems to be much lighter. A bit stiff in the beginning, it reaks in beautifully and gets still softer with the first washes. And, not to forget, linen is know for breathability and good moisture and temperature regulating qualities which is particularly attractive in a heavy-weight wrap.

As always, the cotton and linen meet the highest organic standards. Dyes are without any harmful substances.

Solidly woven, durable and supportive, it is moldable with the right amount of stretch to allow for comfortable and precise tying of front, hip and back carriers. Once broken in, this is the perfect wrap for newborn that needs to be carried day and night and it is a perfect and absolutely supportive wrap all the way through to heavier toddlers.

Material: 80 % Organic Cotton, 18 % Linen, 2 % PES

Surface weight: 320 g/m²

Washable: Max. 30°C, Lowest Spin Speed, no tumbling! Cool ironing

Color: Anthracite, White, Gold

Age of child: From Birth

Different Edges: Yes