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DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling, Rainbow Peacock (Pfau)


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Our Peacock pattern is another DIDYMOS classic and has been woven in many colors, material blends and pattern variations.

This re-edition of the rainbow Peacock refers to one of our first Peacock designs – you will love this playful and very decorative version of our favorite bird!

To realize it, we used a rainbow colored cotton background and combined it with natural white cotton yarns to bring about a colorful pattern that is the same on both fabric sides. We exclusively used organic cotton, the rainbow colored yarns are dyed with non toxic dyes and are absolutely free from any harmful substances.

It is a more heavy-weight wrap that offers supreme support in width and length. With its inherent diagonal stretch the wrap will comfortably mold to the wearer and baby providing optimal comfort all while supporting the baby well, regardless of being worn on front, back, or your hip.

Material: 100 % Organic Cotton

Surface weight: 260 g/m²

Washable: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed

Colour: Multicolored

Age of child: From Birth

Different Edges: Yes