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DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling, Sumeri Cashmere


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Model Sumeri - a stunning graphic design woven in classy monochrome, the fine cashmere wool adding a touch of luxury.

Due to a very special Jacquard weave, the pattern combines the yarns in a way to create a lovely woolie texture that underlines the beauty of the cashmere wool.

Made from a blend of 55% cotton and 45% finest Cashmere wool, the wrap is fluffy and cuddly soft yet with enough grip to hold passes and knots firmly in place.

Light to medium weight, the wrap is mouldable with the right amount of stretch to allow for comfortable and precise tying of front, hip and back carriers.

Soft and cushy right from the beginning - this adorable blend of cotton and Cashmere wool keeps your baby snug and warm during the cooler season – a perfect wrap for newborn all the way through to heavier toddlers.

Material: 55 % Organic Cotton, 45 % Cashmere

Surface weight: 210 g/m²

Color: Anthracite, Silver-Grey

Washable: max 30°C - do not spin cycle!

Age of child: From Birth

Different Edges: Yes