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DidySling Ring Sling Baby Carrier, Prima Sorbet


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DidySling Prima Sorbet is made from a soft and warm cotton/wool/silk blend - a perfect way to enjoy babywearing during the colder season. 

Softly shimmering and cuddly warm, Prima Sorbet is made from an extraordinary mix of natural cotton, finest Merino wool and beautiful, cayenne colored mulberry silk.

All yarns meet the highest organic standards (GOTS certified). Dyes are without any harmful substances.

Solidly woven and tear proof with inherent diagonal stretch, the wrap is moldable and a bit „grippy“ to allow for comfortable adjusting to front, hip and back carriers. A great sling, soft and cuddly for a newborn yet strong and supportive enough for growing babies.

Material: 82 % Organic Cotton, 12 % Merino wool, 6 % Mulberry Silk 

Surface weight: 210 g/m² 

Color: Cayenne, Natural 

Washable: Max. 30°C, Wool Cycle, Lowest Spin Speed, No Tumbling! 

Age of child: From Birth 

Different Edges: Yes