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DidyTai Mei Tai Baby Carrier, Lisca Sunrise No. 2


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Easy-to-put on, pre-structured soft carrier. Sewn from the high quality DIDYMOS wrap fabrics, the Didymos Meh-Dai is comfortable and supportive and nearly as versatile as the wrap, One-size and ideal if different-size persons want to use the same carrier, nothing has to be transformed. Allows you to carry a newborn as well as an older baby on the front or back. 

Made from a re-edition of Lisca Sunrise, this Didy Meh-Dai features the same herringbone pattern and the color gradient, yet it is a more lightweight and airy version of the first edition.

It is wonderfully soft and a bit cushy, and it moulds to the shape of the wrapper and wrappee creating the perfect hold for your baby. It has inherent diagonal stretch and wraps wonderfully with a small baby yet a bigger child will find a secure and comfortable place in it as well.

Material: 100 % Organic Cotton 

Surface weight: 210 g/m² 

Washable: Up to 60°C, Gentle Cycle, Slow Spin Speed 

Color: Yellow, Gold, Scarlet Red, Cyclamen, Viola, Natural White 

Different Edges: Yes 

Age of child: From Birth