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Rental: DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Teviot'14 Wool, size 4

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The wool used for this wool blend being rinsed in waters from the Teviot river, the model was named by this river. Rinsing the wool in this water breaks up the wool fibers and makes them very soft. The wool yarns are less thick than those used in the previous edition, the color is the same creamy white. 

A gorgeous weave, the pattern is subtle, slightly textured. There is anthracite and a special white cotton woven with the creamy wool to create this impressive fabric. So, the color is a combination of anthracite and creamy off white and comes across grey.  

Of medium thickness and weight,, the fabric is a bit cushy and gets very soft with the first washes, it is supportive and breathable.

 It is classy looking and dresses up or down fort he occasion.

Condition: Excellent used condition

Material: 70% Organ Cotton, 30% Teviot Wool

Surface weight: 220 g/m²

Color: Anthracite,Natural White

Washable: Max. 30°C, Wool Cycle, Lowest Spin Speed, Liquid Wool Detergent

Age of child: From Birth

Different Edges: No